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Our Research Activities

The journal explores contemporary research in Humanities and Social Sciences. The journal organizes annual conferences and seminars where outcomes of research projects are disseminated and selected papers are published in the peer reviewed journal.

The journal administration also provides editorial internship opportunities.    

Research Facilities and Freelancing

The journal also facilitates R&D ideas, materials, data, and zero plagiarized freelancing authorship.

Editorial Board


Dr Anuja Mishra

Guest Editor (2023) Issue 1

Broad Topic: Environmental Law and Humanities


Dr Ajay Barnwal 

Guest Editor (2023) Issue 2

Broad Topic: Jurisdiction and Cyber Crimes 


Hariz Aftab

Researcher & Technical Editor

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-14 at 20.05_edited.jpg

Aditya Singh

Researcher, Asstt. Communication Officer

Louis Philip

Research Assistant (Technical )

Kumla Muraad

Research Assistant (Technical website)

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