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Innocentia Lupahla, Lovely Professional University

Valiur Rahaman(corresponding author), Associate professor, School of Humanities

Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India ,



The paper presents a report on a research review of the impact of social media on girls. Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in different areas using devices basically technology. This research paper will be looking at the psychological impact of social media on girls in Zimbabwe and raise possible preventions. Not only do the movies or videos consumed via TV or YouTube affect girls, but many social media platforms  (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) have negatively affected girls. Leading to depression, negative body image, and potentially even suicide. The psychological impacts that come with social media are poor sleep, online harassment, low self-esteem, and negative body image, which were then all associated with depressive symptoms. A study was done at the University of Great Zimbabwe, where a student was surveyed and a self-administered question was used. And by using the information from JSTOR journals I found out that the mental health of girls is at stake because of social media and the young girls don’t realize that because it has been normalized. Yes, it will look normal because almost every girl is addicted to the media, and they all face the same challenges. Possible prevention would be educating the girls about the psychological impacts of social media, and they should be taught when to be on social media and when to stop.  Nevertheless, the paper will further elaborate on the above-mentioned points.

Keywords: Social media, psychological impact, prevention



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